Puddingstone Coffee Blend

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A post-roast light-medium-dark blend.

This blend contains coffee from Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America, mixed after roasting to give a “puddingstone” effect. “It tastes more like pudding than stone.” ~Shane Hoffmann

On the label is a photo of a puddingstone found on the Hoffmann property. St. Joseph Island puddingstone—jasper conglomerate—contains red and brown pieces of jasper, a kind of quartz.

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5 reviews for Puddingstone Coffee Blend

  1. Marty Pettenuzzo

    Love this coffee!

  2. Tammy

    Our very favourite!

  3. Karen Ducharme


  4. Josée Marshall

    One of my favourite coffees that Heather and Shane roast! Love the complexity that each bean brings to this brew. Truly delicious.

  5. Karen Ducharme

    The most amazing coffee you will ever taste. I cannot recommend this coffee enough. St. Joseph Coffee Roasters make the freshest, quality product with an all natural taste of exquisite flavor. Please do yourself a favor dump the grocery store/Timmy coffee and grab yourself a bag of St. Joseph Coffee Roaster and I promise you will never look back. Thank you St.Joseph Coffee Roaster for providing us with such a high quality coffee.

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