Outspoken Maple

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Also known as *Pottsworth Maple Breakfast Brew*. Maple Flavoured Coffee. Dark Roast.

A single origin, shade-grown coffee from Latin America. Please thank these farmers. The only flavoured coffees we offer are maple—natural maple flavouring is added to the coffee after roasting.

On the label is the logo for Outspoken Brewing, a local microbrewery located in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Back when Outspoken Brewing was in the product development stage, the folks behind the business were experimenting with adding our Maple Magic coffee to a stout they were creating. They approached us to see if we could do a maple flavoured coffee in a darker roast for them, and their Pottsworth Maple Breakfast Stout was born. The stout may be seasonal, but the coffee is available all year round.

Ingredients: organic coffee, natural maple flavouring

*Due to the popularity of this custom coffee it is now available on our website.

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5 reviews for Outspoken Maple

  1. chantale (verified owner)

    I tried this when i was visiting friends near St. Joseph’s Island. I took a bunch home. Then i started ordering it for gifts. Now I have given in and i order it for myself. And you know what? Drinking this coffee improves my quality of life more than every other effort i make. 🙂 i have huge gratitude for every single person involved in growing, picking, roasting, developing, packaging, marketing and shipping this product. You have honed your craft, and I will drink it with my heart full. THANK YOU

    • Heather

      Hi Chantale – What a nice review – thanks for taking the time to post it! It sounds like you have a true appreciation for the journey this coffee has made to get to your cup. We agree with you — a morning coffee ritual can absolutely affect the quality of your life.

  2. Sarah Theo

    The outspoken coffee beans are my personal favourite coffee bean out there! I’ve tried coffee from around the world. I always make it a habit to buy a bag of beans whenever I travel to inside or out of Canada. SJI coffee roasters has the best customer service and delivers our freshly roasted beans to our doorstep once a month. I’ve been purchasing the 1kg bag of beans consistently for over a year now. The flavour of the outspoken blend is unlike any other. I also love that the beans are organic fairtrade/ethical. If you’re looking for a well rounded dark roast for brewed coffee or espresso (that’s what I use them for) then this is the right blend for you! They use locally made maple syrup so the flavour is unmatched!

    • Heather

      Hi Sarah –
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our Outspoken Coffee. We appreciate it and are glad you’re enjoying it! Just to clarify, it’s actually a natural maple flavouring that is added to the beans after roasting, not maple syrup. We experimented with using maple syrup to flavour the beans waaaay back when we started up and it was much too sticky!
      Take care,

  3. Rilla Higgins

    Delicious!!! We sure miss living on St. Joe where it was so easy to access SJI Roaster’s lovely beans. Alberta is much too far away for our liking.

  4. Jayne Hendrick (verified owner)

    Tried this coffee while visiting my son in the Soo. I love the maple flavour so much that I now have a subscription to deliver it to London on a regular basis.
    Thanks SJI 😉

  5. Sam

    I tried this at feeding your soul, and quickly became hooked! It is amazing!!!!! Super happy that it’s locally made!

    • Heather

      We’re glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comment!

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