Maple Magic

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Maple Flavoured Coffee. Medium Roast.

A single origin, shade-grown coffee from Latin America. Please thank these farmers. The only flavoured coffees we offer are maple—natural maple flavouring is added to the coffee after roasting.

On the label is a coffee mug hung on a sap spile—a painting by Heather Hoffmann. St. Joseph Island is abundant with sugar maples; therefore, it’s home to many maple producers.

Ingredients: organic coffee, natural maple flavouring

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11 reviews for Maple Magic

  1. Jacey

    This aromatic coffee first caught my sense of smell during Christmas a few years back. It became one of the best Christmas gifts that I gave out that year.It’s pleasant aroma accompanied by the freshly brewed taste of maple infused coffee makes it perfect anytime of the year.

  2. Kayla

    By far one of my favourite coffee flavours! Especially in the winter time with fresh pancakes! Flavour is just enough it doesn’t overpower. I would definitely recommend..

  3. Stephanie Burkell (verified owner)

    Maple Magic is nostalgia in a cup!! I moved away from SSM in 2002 and have finally found a way to transport myself back, if even for a moment:) Sipping this coffee, is like visiting the sugar shacks and a guilt free treat, and knowing that I am supporting a local growing business in my hometown is the icing on the cake.

  4. Janit (verified owner)

    I received a bag of this coffee years ago as a gift and have been ordering it ever since. I am not usually a flavored coffee drinker but this organic natural flavor infused maple has converted me. Sometimes I mix it with regular dark beans , but either way it’s AWESOME coffee. Thanks for waking my day !!!

  5. David Alderman

    The maple infused coffee…just fantastic…stopped in your local area on our cross-canada trip …after getting back to Nova Scotia I made sure that I ordered coffee from Heather and planned to do so later on this year.

  6. Alison (verified owner)

    Being a person who does not usually enjoy maple flavoured products, this one took me by surprise. It has a wonderful smell and flavour that is not too overbearing. It is such a lovely compliment to the already delicious coffee. Easily a favourite.

  7. Tyler (verified owner)

    While traveling across Canada last summer I enjoyed a cup of this “Maple Magic” at Scott Coffee Co. in Sault Ste. Marie.

    While on the east coast I was wishing I could find more. On my way back west I stopped at Scott Coffee Co. again and enjoyed another cup.

    This time I made sure to inquire about who made this and the lady gave me the company’s phone number. I thought I lost the number on my travels but luckily I just found it today buried in my wallet. After calling and speaking with a nice gentleman he directed me to this website.

    Just ordered some and I’m very excited to have this to wake up to in the morning!

    Seriously the best coffee I’ve ever had! It’s organic, fair trade and there’s no sugar or artificial flavouring.

    Will be letting all fellow coffee lovers I cross paths with know about this amazing brew✨

  8. Cindy

    A delicious coffee! Wonderful gift idea! I phoned from Regina, Sk to put in an order for the caffeinated and decaffeinated maple coffee. The person on the other end was very friendly. To my surprise, after telling her what I wanted , she said that they would start roasting the coffee beans right away for my order. Wow! How fresh is that!

  9. Stephanie Burkell

    This coffee is seriously delicious!!! It is such a treat and is a great addition to any brunch. Need to stock up!!

  10. Cindy Barry

    A delicious flavour, lovely to smell in the morning…makes a wonderful gift.

  11. Hubert cumberdale

    Best coffee I have ever had. I didn’t know coffee could taste good. It is a must try

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