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Full Bodied. Sweet. Earthy. Spicy. Dark Roast.

A single origin coffee from Permata Gayo Cooperative in the Bener Meriah District, Aceh, Sumatra—shade-grown at 1000–1650 m above sea level. Please thank these farmers.

On the label, a Sumatran elephant—painted by Heather Hoffmann—is walking across the St. Joseph Island bridge. Sumatran elephants are critically endangered due to habitat loss and human-elephant conflict.

5 reviews for Sumatra

  1. Sherry C.

    We came to the area in Feb. for a snowmobile trip – saw the coffee in a local shop and bought a few different roasts to bring home as a souvenir of the island. I live in a tourist town with lots of roasters so I feel like a traitor but here I go, placing my 1st of many online orders for my fav. Sumatra – when a coffee gets your attention after the first sip like this one did…

    • Heather

      Hi Sherry – I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this comment until tonight! Thanks for taking the time to make a comment and we’re happy you’ve enjoyed our Sumatra roast!

  2. Gabrielle Bourbonnais

    My favorite dark roast! Well rounded, full of flavour. A must!

  3. Carsten Pellmann (verified owner)

    This is our favourite coffee. When our friends smell it brewing they ask what it is and who roasts it because it smells so good. When they taste it, they want to buy it. One of our friends who hails from Africa cracked a big smile when we gave it to him for a gift. SJI Coffee Roasters have always come through for us when we needed a new order. We have travelled to many places in North America and tasted lots of roasting companies. SJI is one of the best. We raise a coffee mug and toast you guys!! Carsten and Linda
    London, Ontario

  4. Evelyn Bailey

    Love SJI Coffee Roaster. Sumatra is my favourite but will be trying the French Roast soon. Wonderful delivery service also.

  5. Alice Ridout

    We love all SJI Coffee Roasters’ coffees but this is our favourite! Full bodied and very tasty. Highly recommend.

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