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This healthy everyday green tea has a light, smooth taste with a mild almond finish.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

Certified organic by Pro-Cert.

Directions: 1 tsp loose leaf tea per 1 cup serving.

Steep: 2.5 min at 70–75° C. The temperature of the water is very important to the taste of green tea. It should not taste bitter when brewed properly.

Net Wt 60 g

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2 reviews for Sencha

  1. Dee (verified owner)

    Hubby’s favourite tea! I bribe him with this sencha so he leaves my coffee supply alone! 😀

  2. Tom

    This is not actual Japanese Sencha. Judging by its appearance, It’s low grade Sri Lanka tea. Japanese sencha is rolled into fine needles. Litterally look at your tea, and then do a Google image search for Sencha. The difference is immediate.

    Ordering a low grade tea from Unknown Origins and calling it Japanese Sencha is deceptive and disrespectful to your customers that trust you.

    I implore you to cease this deceptive selling practice and to source actual sencha, instead of this low grade insult.

    • Shane

      Hi Tom, Sorry the delay here and about the misinformation you received in regards to our current Sencha tea. You are correct that it is not a Japanese Sencha. Apparently with the supply chain challenges the world has and is continuing to experience, we were shipped an organic Chinese Sencha and not the Japanese one we have carried in the past. Unfortunately we did not catch this at our end and thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have sourced a Japanese Sencha for our future purchases. There was no intentional deception on our behalf to mislead you. Once again, sorry for the issue with this tea.

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