Hello. Long time no post, if you know what I mean. You know how it is, right? Life happens and certain things get put on the “Least Urgent, Least Important” pile. Well, we want to change that. We want to give you more regular and interesting posts (no more than once weekly) and we’re wondering what you would like to hear about. Here are some ideas we have:

What’s up in the shack?

That bag of Fairtrade Certified, organic, quality coffee you purchased from us was roasted in a 165 square foot out building on our rural property, a building we’ve lovingly named “The Roasting Shack”. When we purchased our property in 2008 we learned this building had a colourful history, having been used as a bunkie, a maple sugar shack, and a workshop. In the spring of 2009 we got to work renovating it so that it would work as a roasting facility.

Bertie the dog is looking up lovingly at the camera holder, one of the owners of St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters. He's standing in the doorway between the outside steps and the inside of the outbuilding that is being renovated for use as a coffee roasting facility. Bertie was with us from the start

We plan on sharing more photos and stories about The Roasting Shack renovations, the growth that has happened since, and changes that are ongoing. Shane spends a good part of his week out in the Roasting Shack and he’s always up to something in there: Listening to music (very ecclectic taste) while he’s coming up with inventions to solve problems in the “production line” and, most important, experimenting with different roasts and blends to keep you happy and satisfied with your morning brew. Why not share some of his antics with you!

Coffee-related (and Tea-related) information and recipes. 

Life is better with great coffee, and the most affordable way to have great coffee every day is to make it at home. We plan on sharing our favourite ways to make coffee and tea at home. We aren’t baristas and we don’t think you have to be a barista to make an amazing cuppa in the comfort of your own home.

We thought we could throw in the odd recipe, too, like my go-to chocolate layer cake recipe that is deliciously moist and not-too-sweet with the addition of a strong and hot cup of Fairtrade Certified and organic SJICR coffee.

Random questions answered/ideas.

We get lots of random questions so we thought it would be a good idea to highlight our answers to some of the more popular q’s . These questions cover topics that are related to organic practices, fairtrade certification, where our coffee comes from, deliveries and other services (like special events) and anything in between, like giving back to the community.

A path of jute coffee bags leads to The Roasting Shack
Our “commute” to The Roasting Shack gets icy this time of year so
we laid down 
empty green coffee bags along the path. Problem solved.

Life Lately.

We work together. From home. And, we’re married. A lot of people wonder how we handle spending so much time together. Others tell us how lucky we are. And over the years we’ve learned to get a pretty good rhythm to our day. Note the “over the years” part, meaning it wasn’t always like that. Working with a spouse can be a challenge (in fact there are books written on the subject . . . we even read a couple before we started up!), and working from home can be a challenge, too. There are also lots of benefits, which we have learned to focus on. We may share some of our insight on these subjects here.

We live in an old farmhouse (main part was built in the 1880s) that we’ve slowly been renovating (we’re DIY-ers and frugal to boot) and have about 17 acres of mainly wooded property. We love gardening and cooking together, have a few laying hens, and lots of other hobbies and activities we enjoy together as a family or on our own. We may sometimes share fitting moments of our so-called simple life.

Now it’s your turn! Do you like the sound of our ideas? Do you have any suggestions? We appreciate your opinion very much and would love to hear from you. In fact, let us entice you with a draw for a prize. To win you must be a subscriber to our posts. Draw date will be Wednesday, March 8 at 5 pm. To enter the draw all you need to do is leave a comment/feedback/question/topic suggestion/idea below.

What will you win? The prize will consist of: An aeropress, a 454 g (one pound) bag of SJICR coffee, a pouch of SJICR loose leaf tea and a Camino chocolate bar. Good luck and THANKS!

Draw Prize: Aeropress, SJICR Coffee, loose leaf tea, chocolate bar