Our Anniversary Roast is a single-origin organic Fairtrade coffee from the APECAP cooperative in the Loja, Zamora-Chinchipe region of Ecuador.

This is our first-ever coffee from Ecuador. We have purchased two 69 kg bags from Cooperative Coffees and once they’re gone, they’re gone. This coffee roasts into a bright and lively cup, with notes of mild chocolate.

Origin: Ecuador
Cooperative: APECAP
Certifications: Organic & Fairtrade
Region: Loja, Zamora-Chinchipe
Process: Washed
Type: SHB Specialty EP
Varietals: Typica/Caturra/Bourbon
Altitude: 1400 to 2000 m

The label features a “10 Years” insignia specially designed by Anthem Design in Sault Ste. Marie to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary!

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