Cold Brew? Maybe not.

Taya Mara and Kit Purnis had a vision to bring together the community “through local talent, artistic expression and satisfying food”. This will be a semi-regular event that will happen (generally) on the Friday before long weekends. Visit their Facebook page to find out about vendors and dates, and to keep up to date with event information.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 14 from 3 – 7 pm is the first ever Artisan Market in Bruce Mines. If the weather doesn’t cooperate the market will be at the town hall instead of the waterfront.

Cold Brew1

We were hoping last week’s unusually warm spring weather would be with us for tomorrow’s event so that we could debut our cold brew iced coffee and tea. It looks like it may be chilly though, so we are planning on sampling the recipes instead. We will have the hot coffee and tea though, and freshly roasted coffee by the bag.

I dug out my sewing machine this week and sewed up a “tablecloth” out of black material and some triangle flags cut from a jute coffee bag. These flags will be sewn onto a crocheted burlap cord and turn the plain black tablecloth into a crafty sensation.

I also dug out my needle felting tool and some wool and made myself a coffee cozy. Maybe I`ll make some more for the next event! Hope to see you tomorrow!

And, post event:

We did end up holding the event inside due to the uncooperative weather. Here we are: